Kazbek Dzalaev

Investor Relations Director

Responsible for working with investors and placing ICO\IDO game coins.

Creator of an investment fund in the artifacts of the gaming industry. For many years he worked in the field of investment with various companies.

Hannah Ioffe

GameDesign director

Responsible for the visual component of our game.

In game development since 2019, game designer of KwaKwaGames studio (Magic wars: wizards battle).

Amir Abdrashitov

Gaming Community Director

Responsible for the interaction between the development team and the players.
Marketing research specialist, consultant for companies in the field of IT and game development.

Nik Karase

Developer of the project structure, tokenomics. Marketing team leader.

International specialist in the field of creation, expansion and automation of projects. Nik has worked in the US, South Africa and other countries. More than 15 years of experience working with various companies and their economies.


The mysterious creator and chronicler of LORE on the game HexRoast

Den Buko

Marketing advisor

CEO of AMDG agency